Long term permanent cooperation, efficient and long lasting results
Innovative solutions with large and international connections
Powerful brand, strong service and expert attitudes
Quality is our primary focus
The products we used to supply our customers manufacturing according to standards. We always support the quality control process with test reports and certificates. We send the required reports and documents of our customers during the delivery process.
Immediate support
Our team is working to meet the demands of our customers with full effort.
The most suitable solution to your demands
We do preliminary investigations according to our customers’ demands with the most suitable solutions. We work hard to meet the requirements.
Professional Team
Our team remain at your disposal with long term sector experiences and strong partners.
Screw Couplings
Draw Hooks
Brake Shoe
Wheel Sets
Monoblock Wheel Disc
Axle Box
Boggie Parts
Draw gears
Brake Discs
Brake Hoses
Everyday we touch the lives of thousands of people ...
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